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Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc.

Innovating the Next-Generation
of Sustainable Agricultural Products

Zero Gravity Solutions

We are an innovative agricultural biotechnology company focused on sustainable agriculture through product sales, platform technology licensing and product integration.

We harness plants’ natural ability to respond to stress, thus sustainably improving crop yields and increasing farmer profitability

Corporate Description

Our unique plant priming technology was initially developed for use by NASA astronauts to grow fresh, robust and nutrient-dense food crops in Space. These technologies are now providing world agriculture with valuable and sustainable solutions to challenges here on Earth.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide customized priming product solutions to address global production agriculture challenges by working collaboratively with leading providers to bridge today’s agricultural practices with innovative agricultural technology.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to partner with both local and global agricultural companies to develop and enable sustainable solutions that meet the needs of the farmer and the family.

Industry Agricultural Inputs
Company Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. (ZGSI)
Brands BAM-FX®
Gardener’s Choice®
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