About Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc.

Reimagining Sustainable Agriculture

Who we are

Zero Gravity Solutions (ZGSI) is an agricultural biotechnology company focused on sustainable agriculture through a foundational approach that maximizes a plant’s natural genetic potential while minimizing the use of expensive and potentially harmful agricultural inputs.

What we do

We have a unique plant priming technology platform that was originally developed for NASA to grow robust, nutrient-dense plants in hostile environments.

Today, our technology is being utilized on multiple crops around the world and we are innovating novel solutions to solve some of the most difficult challenges facing production agriculture here on Earth.

Where we’re going

There is tremendous demand for simple solutions that can enhance yield, crop quality, and sustainably mitigate the yield-robbing effects of plant diseases and enable more productive agricultural production systems, including for organic agriculture. The unique expandability of our technology will allow us to develop custom priming elicitor compositions and formulations to be used in combination with various agricultural inputs (e.g. fertilizers, crop protection products, seed treatments, biologicals) in existing and improved food, feed and fiber production systems.

Our Vision

Our vision is to partner with both local and global agricultural companies to develop and enable more sustainable solutions that meet the needs of the farmer and the family.



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We are the Emerging Leader in Plant Priming

Yield, Quality, Vigor

Yield, Quality, Vigor

Integrating our patented technology and unique products with current agricultural production practices has demonstrated a natural physiological response that increases yield, improves crop quality, and enhances plant vigor, without genetic modification (non-GMO).

Established Infrastructure

Established Infrastructure

We have established a network of distributors and partners and are well positioned to roll out existing and new product offerings globally through multiple retail channels as well as through licensing and joint venture expansion opportunities.

Expandability / Customization

Expandability / Customization

We are advancing the development of priming technology, which allows us to commercialize unique product compositions and formulations to meet specific customer / partner needs.

Market Opportunity

Market Opportunity

There is tremendous market opportunity in providing sustainable solutions that can mitigate the yield-robbing effects of plant diseases and combat agricultural production challenges for which no competitive solutions currently exist, including in organic farming.

Disease Mitigation

Disease Mitigation

We are developing a portfolio of unique priming elicitors that not only increase crop yield, quality and nutritional content, but also provide curative and protectant response in plants impacted by various viral, bacterial and fungal diseases.

Market Acceptance

Market Acceptance

We have achieved broad market acceptance and customer satisfaction with our BAM-FX flagship product for commercial agriculture use, as well as our ready-to-use consumer branded product, Gardener’s Choice.

Solid Platform for Growth

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Technology Overview

The Key to Powerful Plants®

Plant Defense Priming

Our plant priming compositions naturally activate a plant’s innate immune system to improve yield and quality, mitigate abiotic and biotic stress, all without genetic modification. Much like human vaccines, priming enables the plant to rapidly and powerfully respond to threats.

Breakthrough Technology

Our products utilize the latest scientific discoveries in sustainable agriculture, biochemistry, disease mitigation and yield enhancement programs.

Curative Responses

In addition to enabling plants to achieve greater yield and quality, our products have demonstrated a preventative and curative response to certain plant diseases.

Rigorous R&D

Over seven years of product R&D and field studies, including on the International Space Station across a broad range of crops, climate and soil conditions worldwide, have demonstrated the capability of our plant priming technology to significantly increase yield, nutritional quality, and plant stress tolerance.


Plant Priming supports the future of sustainable agriculture by addressing global production challenges while helping minimize the need for expensive agricultural inputs. Activating the natural potential of plants allows farmers to reimagine their production systems for greater profit and reliability.

Proven Results

Developed through multiple field studies and third party validations alongside industry-leading scientific, academic and agricultural entities with the goal of providing immediate plant health benefits as it relates to yield, quality and overall plant vigor.

Collaboration Partners