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BAM-FX is based on technology that was originally purposed for extended space travel. The application for use in world agriculture can boost the nutritional value and enhance the immune system of food crops. Read more...

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ZGSI’s BAM-FX™ Featured on NBC’s the List

ZGSI's BAM-FX™ technology is being spotlighted for its potential as a solution to enhance food security for the world's increasing population. With the completion of the requirements necessary to license BAM-FX™ for sale and distribution in the state of California, this brings the Company one step closer toward the commercial sale of BAM-FX™ in the agricultural market.

Message from the President of ZGSI

Throughout human history, there have been milestones of great discoveries such as fire, the wheel, the printing press, the industrial revolution, powered flight, space travel and the Internet, which have literally changed the world and humanity.

The next frontier of great discoveries is space and zero/micro gravity. Our Company is the owner of intellectual property and dramatic breakthroughs resulting from six NASA sponsored flights to the International Space Station. These flights have proven that the scientific concepts and intellectual property on which our company is based are valid.

We are now in a position to pursue the enormous commercial opportunities created through the intellectual property that has been developed though our ISS experiments. Our zero/micro gravity breakthroughs have provided unique stem cells from plants, initially developed on the space station, which have unique characteristics in gene expression yielding new plant varieties that can greatly benefit humanity.

For example, these particular stem cells can be patented by our Company, which in turn will license these patented stem cells or new plant varieties to large commercial entities worldwide. The value of developing crops with improved yields, disease resistance and that can grow in harsh or drought conditions provides new, sustainable ways to feed an ever-increasing worldwide human population.

Read more: Message from the President of ZGSI

Press Release - October 9, 2014

Zero Gravity Solutions Establishes Two Operating Subsidiaries as the Company Enters Revenue Generation & BAM-FX™ Commercialization

BOCA RATON, Fla. - (October 9, 2014) - Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. (ZGSI or the "Company") (Pink Sheets: ZGSI) announced today that it has established two wholly-owned subsidiaries, BAM Agricultural Solutions, Inc. and Zero Gravity Life Sciences, Inc. BAM Agricultural Solutions has commenced manufacturing, sales and revenue generation through the receipt of commercial-quantity orders for the Company's first agricultural product, BAM-FX. Zero Gravity Life Sciences will continue ongoing research and development work in conjunction with NASA and other institutions.

Read More: Press Release



Press Release - July 24, 2014

Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. & the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture Announce Signing of Memorandum of Understanding to Develop Projects Directed at Food Security and Sustainable Agricultural Intensification

BOCA RATON, Fla. & OXFORDSHIRE, United Kingdom — (July 24,2014),– Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. (ZGSI or “the Company”) (Pink Sheets: ZGSI) and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), a world leading research organization whose mission is to facilitate solutions to overcome hunger and poverty in Africa and the tropics, while preserving the natural resources integrity, jointly announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between IITA and ZGSI’s wholly owned, UK-based subsidiary, Zero Gravity Solutions Ltd (ZGSL). The objective of the MOU is to implement specific research projects to increase agricultural production, food security, and sustainable agricultural intensification with a special emphasis on Sub-Saharan Africa.

Read More: Press Release


Press Release - May 29, 2014

Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. Finalizes State of California Licensing Requirements for Sale of BAM-FX™ for Agricultural Purposes

Boca Raton, Florida— (May 29, 2014) – Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. (ZGSI or “the Company”) (Pink Sheets: ZGSI) announced today that it has completed the requirements necessary to license its agricultural product, BAM-FX for sale and distribution in the state of California. The Company is continuing to work with the California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) on label registration and organic certification in order to commence sales. BAM-FX, the Company’s ionic, micronutrient and mineral delivery system for plants, was originally developed for use in the United States Space Program and is now being applied to agriculture here on Earth.

Read More: Press Release


SpaceX's Elon Musk unveils spacecraft designed to fly astronauts to space station

SpaceX's Dragon Version 2 crewed spacecraft has a sleek interior design, complete with a large tablet-like computer that swivels down in front of the capsule's tan leather seats. The manned space capsule can ferry up to seven astronauts to and from destinations like the International Space Station, Musk said during the reveal, which SpaceX webcast live online from its headquarters in Hawthorne, California. "I think it's really a big leap forward in technology," Musk said. "It really takes things to the next level."

The new Dragon V2 is an updated version of the company's robotic Dragon capsule — currently used to take cargo to the space station and bring materials back to Earth. At the moment, the Dragon is the only robotic cargo vessel that can bring supplies back to the planet from the station. SpaceX's new spacecraft is designed to be reusable and it should be able to touchdown back on land with the accuracy of a helicopter, Musk added.

Lettuce Orbit Earth - New Form of Life Takes Root on the ISS

ScienceCasts: Lettuce Orbit Earth -- A New Form of Life Takes Root on the ISS

Letters to Earth

Blog By Astronaut Don Pettit


Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture

Zero Gravity Solutions will be showcasing its first commercial product BAM-FXTM at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, February 3 & 4th in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our exhibit, booth C145, will be located in the US Sustainable Agriculture Pavilion.

The Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA), the world’s largest showcase of game-changing innovations in sustainable agriculture, will bring an unprecedented array of international specialists, projects, suppliers and policy-makers to Abu Dhabi.

Press Release - February 3, 2014

Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. Announces the Establishment of Zero Gravity Solutions Ltd as a Wholly Owned Subsidiary to be Headquartered in the United Kingdom

Boca Raton, Florida— (February 3, 2014) – Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. (ZGSI or “the Company”) (Pink Sheets: ZGSI) announced today that it has established a wholly owned subsidiary, Zero Gravity Solutions Ltd (ZGSL), to service the Company’s operations and interests in the European Union (EU) and other international markets.

Read More: Press Release


Profits From Orbit: Breeding Stem Cells In Space

The race is on for a solution to the threat to the world food crops due to climate change, depletion of minerals and nutrients in soil throughout the world and new, aggressive and resistant plant diseases before it’s too late. Many of the food crops we rely on, the banana among them, are under serious threat of being wiped out completely. ZGSI, along with its academic and corporate partners, are pioneering new solutions utilizing ISS-enabled, non-GMO stem cells.

Space.com’s interview with Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. CEO & President, Richard Godwin, explains how breeding stem cells in the micro/zero gravity environment of low earth orbit (ISS) can provide solutions to food crops and alternative energy problems.

Press Release - November 21, 2013

Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. Announces the Appointment of Former Congressman, Robert S. Walker as Legislative and Regulatory Advisor

Boca Raton, Florida— (November 21, 2013) – Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. (ZGSI or “the Company”), trading symbol PK: ZGSI.PK, announced today the appointment of former Congressman Robert S. Walker as Legislative and Regulatory Advisor. Congressman Walker has been a leading voice in Congress as to the funding and value of the United States Space Program and the International Space Station in particular as Chairman of the House Committee on Science and Technology. Mr. Walker has served on the President's Commission on Implementation of United States Space Exploration Policy and on the President’s Commission on the Future of the United States Aerospace Industry.

Read More: Press Release


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