John L Freeman. Phd

John L. Freeman, Ph.D

Plant Scientist and Science Test Lead
Dr. John L. Freeman is currently a Plant Scientist and Science Test Lead at Intrinsyx Technologies Corporation at NASA-Ames in the Space Biosciences Botany Laboratory. He is primarily working on the Seedling Growth flight experiments investigating how gravity and light influence plant growth in space and the cellular signaling mechanisms involved in plant tropisms. These experiments utilize the European Modular Cultivation System in conjunction with Experiment Unique Equipment flight hardware developed by NASA Ames Research Center and these tests will be performed on the International Space Station and on the ground at NASA-Ames. Four seedling growth space flight experiments are scheduled over the next few years supported by NASA in cooperation with the European Space Agency.

Dr. Freeman received a Ph.D. from the Purdue University Horticulture Department in Plant Biochemistry with a focus on the unique molecular biology of metal hyperaccumulator plants. His research focus in plant metal stress tolerance, phytoremediation and plant environmental stress physiology has utilized a wide variety of molecular techniques including X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy using the two Synchrotrons at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Stanford University.

Dr. Freeman has previously worked in laboratories at Motorola, Western Technologies Inc., Northern Arizona University, Purdue University, Colorado State University, USDA-ARS SJVASC. Over the last ten years Dr. Freeman has been published 27 times and he has co-directed numerous field and laboratory multidisciplinary research teams. He was most recently a Research Associate at the USDA-ARS and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at C.S.U. Fresno in the Biology Department.