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The premier event for banana farming introduced Mexican growers to novel “priming” technology that mitigates viral crop disease

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc., an agricultural biotechnology company focused on sustainably improving farmers’ crop yields, recently attended Acorbat International 2024, the largest global banana growers’ conference, in Mérida, Mexico.

Production of bananas from the leading exporting region of Latin America and the Caribbean is projected to reach 37 metric tons by 2032, though the persistence of devastating diseases threatens this growth. Protecting crops from viral infections, particularly pesticide-resistant funguses, is vital to ensure food security for a global population growing by two billion over the next three decades. New agricultural tools for banana growers are needed, now more than ever.

Peer-reviewed research and field trials demonstrated the effectiveness of plant “priming,” a method of triggering plants’ natural defenses against threats. Priming applies non-toxic solutions to crops, to elicit more robust, rapid reactions to stressors. Trial programs of Zero Gravity’s FERTIBAM® priming product with Mexican banana growers successfully mitigated black sigatoka disease at equal, or greater rates than traditional fungicides. Crucially, this reduction in disease pressure came despite high rainfall and favorable conditions for fungal growth during the trial period. Moreover, repeated applications of FERTIBAM® caused no symptoms of toxicity in treated plants, a common concern with conventional crop protection.

“All farming is local, with environmental and economic challenges that are regionally specific. Our mission at Zero Gravity is to empower growers with tools that protect their livelihood, their key crops, and the environment,” said John McLean, Zero Gravity’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our team is energized by our work in Mexico alongside our distributor Agro Space Tech, and the challenge to spread plant priming to more farms across the region.”

Zero Gravity and their Mexican distributor, Victor Lichtinger of Agro Space Tech, met with regional growers at Acorbat International 2024 to present the field trial results of FERTIBAM®, recently registered for commercial use in Mexico. Discussions covered common diseases faced by farmers, and how introducing FERTIBAM® could increase profitability, while reducing the need for expensive, outdated chemistries that harm the environment and human health.

“Mexican banana farmers are contending with more extreme weather, and viral diseases that have the potential to quickly turn routine growing seasons into disasters,” said Victor Lichtinger, head of Agro Space Tech. “Growing operations of all sizes will benefit from priming technology, which has repeatedly shown the ability to increase yield and improve profitability, even with daunting threats to crops.”

The company is currently expanding its footprint across North America, Latin America and Asia in 2024. Securing a foothold in Mexico, while helping growers of bananas and other vital crops like plantain, agave and avocado is vital to this plan. Zero Gravity’s expansive field trials have now covered over 30 crucial crops across eight years.

About Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. 

Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on safe and sustainable agriculture. Its plant priming technology harnesses natural physiology to more sustainably improve crop yields, resistance to disease, and increase farmer profitability. For more information, please visit zerogsi.com.

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